Mission Statement

The purpose of starting this blog is to empower people who are getting a late start on their financial journey.

We want to document our progress as well as write about topics through the scope of a late bloomer. To show just exactly how a measure of financial independence can be reached at any stage in life.

We also did not want to just focus on the dollars and cents. There is a mindset one must be in to undertake this financial journey. We want to also write about the underlying thought processes that change mentally, spiritually and financially.

When I first discovered the notion of financial independence (FI) I was reading about people who were retiring in the early 30’s, who had higher paying jobs, who capitalized on the real estate market post crash or who already had no debt and a substancial savings.

I was none of these.

As I read I wondered if I had just missed the boat. If this FI thing was only for people who didn’t abuse student loans and credit cards in their 20’s. It felt like I had missed the starting gun to this whole lifestyle.

After further research, I found that a measure of financial independence was still very achievable. It would take some calculated risks, but even starting on the ground floor at 35 years old, we could make it happen.

Join us as we hope to create a thriving community of new ideas and support for one another.

So welcome! The early bird isn’t the only one to get the worm!!