Case of the Mondays: Vol 5- Late Start Beginning Basics

This blog has been in existence for a few months now. I have had great feedback from my readers on my posts and I am so thankful that you all find value in my work. It has come to my attention, via numerous requests, that I create some posts about the basics and where to start in a bit more detail and not using such broad brush strokes on key financial freedom concepts.

So, I would like to take this Case of the Mondays post to announce a new blog series I will be publishing called “Late Start Beginning Basics”. It will be a place where readers new to the community can get their feet wet on the basics of financial independence without feeling overwhelmed at some of the more in-depth articles and concepts that are presented throughout.

I am very excited to dive deeper into the basics as I think finances in general can be a fairly intimidating subject. Some of these posts may be multi part installations as I mean to get down to the absolute nitty gritty of these concepts. These posts can even help the process of getting a spouse or family member on board to financial freedom!

Stay tuned… every fire first needs fuel!!!!

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